photomultiplier tube

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pho·to·mul·ti·pli·er tube

a detector that amplifies a signal (by as much as 106) of electromagnetic radiation by an acceleration of electrons released from a photocathode through a series of dynodes; as each electron strikes a dynode stage, 3-4 electrons are liberated and accelerated to the subsequent dynode.
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photomultiplier tube



In radiography, an electronic vacuum tube designed to convert light photons into electrical pulses. It is used to digitize incoming light photons prior to the creation of computerized images in nuclear medicine and other imaging modalities.
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Unfortunately, a circuit failed after 10 hours, and the 440-metre-long string with its 24 photomultiplier tubes and five hydrophones went dead.
Yergin and his co-workers spent many months using computers to design an arrangement of elliptical and flat mirrors for efficiently reflecting and focusing the available light into photomultiplier tubes.
On clear, moonless nights, a 10-meter-wide dish of 248 mirrors on this mountaintop focuses incoming light onto a cluster of 109 photomultiplier tubes.
These two detectors are large tanks of water with photomultiplier tubes lining their sides.
A photomultiplier tube converts the fluorescent light to a voltage.
A microscope focused on the sample stream, at right angles to the laser beam, collects the fluorescent light and directs it to a photomultiplier tube for quantification.
Lumotive's complete lidar system, based on this beam steering chip, coupled with a custom silicon photomultiplier sensor, using TowerJazz's Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) technology, will be available for prototype testing in late 2019.