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However, as well as recognising the research that has gone into developing the system, Vernon Taylor, managing director of UK based TMS Photometrics, believes that winning the award also represents an important raising of awareness within the air traffic management industry.
A preliminary reduction of data recorded during a 2-hour period of my favorite star cluster, NGC 7790 in Cassiopeia, shows photometric errors of only 0.
I take my hat off to the United Kingdom for taking the lead in the maintenance of airfield lighting systems by now requiring regular ongoing in-field photometric testing.
the purpose of the contract is to provide photometric measurements and cleaning of runway and taxiway lights for all platforms of the aroports de paris group.
The other conventional method - intentional defocusing to spread out the light - produces better photometric precision, but size and intensity continue to fluctuate.
Photometric Stereo 3D is a sophisticated technique to derive 3D information from 2D information (colour images); its origin is from the early development of satellite Imaging back in the 60's.
Lighting manufacturers submit their products to UL's marketing claim verification program, where UL confirms that the photometric data the manufacturer offers is correct.
IES files contain photometric data which is then used by designers and architects in creating lighting layouts for building spaces.
LM-66-14 addresses the methods for obtaining uniform and reproducible measurements of the electrical and photometric characteristics of single-based compact fluorescent, for both electrode and electrodeless lamps, under standard conditions in alternating current, both line and high frequency, circuits.
Photometric corrections are applied to the projected images to make their intensities and colors similar.
These photometric observations were very challenging because for earthbound observers, eclipses of Io occur when the satellite is less than one Jupiter radius (about 20 arcseconds) from its brilliant parent planet.