Pertaining to a photoheterotroph.
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2] required for photosynthesis), and photoheterotrophic (use light to extract energy from organic matter) [56].
Although diatoms known to contain nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria (Rhizosolenia and Hemiaulus) appear to be well represented in the waters near Easter and Salas y Gomez islands, a diverse group of heterotrophic, nitrogen-fixing bacteria or photoheterotrophic cyanobacteria may dominate nitrogen fixation in the south Pacific subtropical gyre (Von Dassow & Collado-Fabbri, 2014).
1987) proposed that, because light levels and DO vary during the day, this bacterium alternates between photoheterotrophic growth (at high light levels; using organic matter excreted by the cyanobacteria) and sulfide co-metabolism with cyanobacteria (at relatively low light levels, where [O.
1981, 1984b) noted that the main growth phase is the planktonic form which is photoautotrophic while the benthic form is photoheterotrophic and serves as the <<inoculum>> for the plankton.