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A microorganism that produces luminescence.
[photo- + G. gen-, producing]
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"In addition, Imagent will be given its best opportunity to achieve success in the marketplace under Photogen, as they will be in position to properly launch the product with the experienced team of professionals that Alliance assembled in San Diego."
A photograph of Clementina in a dark riding habit and her sister Isabella in an off-the-shoulder white dress shows the two daughters as mirroring images of dark and light, Nycteris and Photogen, masculine and feminine, the object of desire and her pursuer.
Prior to that he was a co-founder of Photogen Technologies, where he held several senior management positions.
One company on the forefront of PDT development is Photogen Technologies of Knoxville, Tennessee [see "Surgery Without Knives," The World & I, May 1997, p.
He is cofounder and chief scientist for Photogen Technologies.