photoelectric colorimeter

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colorimeter, photoelectric 

Colorimeter using a photoelectric cell and appropriate filters instead of the eye.
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The total count of bacteria was estimated by the technique of photoelectric colorimeter. (1) A comparative growth study for Staphylococcus Aureus was made using groundnut glucose broth and conventional glucose broth; while growth study of E.
For preparation of filtrate (after adsorption) and photometrical estimation of concentration of lead ions and copper ions in it we used a standard procedure with usage of photocolorimeter CPC (concentration photoelectric colorimeter) -3-01 and spectrophotometer Spekord --50.
This exhibit includes a Klett Photoelectric Colorimeter, a Technicon Auto-Analyzer System, and a Beckman Model DU Spectrophotometer (8).
We had one Evelyn photoelectric colorimeter with glass filters and one newly invented Beckman pH meter.
A modification of the colorimetric phosphorus determination for use with a photoelectric colorimeter. J Lab Clin Med 1942;27:955-7.