photoelectric colorimeter

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colorimeter, photoelectric 

Colorimeter using a photoelectric cell and appropriate filters instead of the eye.
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Tenders are invited for supply of Research Microscope, trinocular with real time video camera, Museum jars, Slide cabinet, Sahlis hemoglobinometer, Weighing machine, Rotary Micro tome s, Hot Plates, Hot air Oven, Histo kinetic tissue processor, Water Bath Rectangular, Photoelectric colorimeter, Slide cabinet, Electric band saw, Micrometer, stirrer, weighing organs, Ph meter, electric, Surgical instruments, Microscope, Automatic Semen Analyzer, Cytospin, Grossing Table, Automatic Cover Slipper, Cryostat.
A modification of the colorimetric phosphorus determination for use with a photoelectric colorimeter.
Thus, Sulyukta will receive blood chemistry analyzers, ophthalmic instruments, photoelectric colorimeters, display microscopes, thermostats, small surgical instrument kit, medical glass cabinets, dental instrument tables and others worth $80,498.