photoelectric absorption

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pho·to·e·lec·tric ab·sorp·tion

interaction of a gamma photon with matter in which the incident photon is completely absorbed, giving up all its energy by displacing and accelerating an inner shell electron.
See also: photoelectric effect.
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This shows the dominance of photoelectric absorption in low-photon energy region.
He explores the interactions with matter and energetic particles, including photons, electrons, protons, alpha particles and neutrons with a variety of applications including photon and neutron cross sections, charged particle stopping powers, electron mean ranges and angular distributions, covering photons as they appear in long wavelengths and other configurations and as an element of photoelectric absorption, electrons, including in elastic scattering from and atom and in the case of collision energy loss, protons and heavier ions, including proton and alpha particle stopping powers in selected materials, and a range of topics on neutron interactions.
"The effect is called photoelectric absorption," says engineer Dave Schafer at the Analogic Corporation in Peabody, Mass.