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Relating to the energy or force exerted by light.
[photo- + G. dynamis, force]


1. Of or relating to the energy of light.
2. Enhancing the effects of or inducing a toxic reaction to light, especially to ultraviolet light.

pho′to·dy·nam′i·cal·ly adv.
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Taking in view the unavailability of any antidote to counteract photosensitization, a radical and judicious therapy involving identification and removal of source of photodynamic agent, is a must.
Photosensitization is an ailment wherein skin (especially areas exposed to light and lacking significant protective hair, wool or pigmentation) becomes abnormally susceptible to bright light (UV light) due to presence of photodynamic agents after stock have ingested certain toxic plants resulting in extensive/severe skin damage.
(9) Perennial rye grass has previously been reported as a photosensitization-inducing plant in herbivores, (10,11) and perloline has been implicated as the photodynamic agent involved in large animals.
Now, after years of effort to develop an effective approach, the first generation of such photodynamic agents is undergoing Phase III clinical trials, the last stage before possible approval by the Food and Drug Administration.
Within the last few years, in an effort to find better, more selective photodynamic agents, researchers in several U.S.
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Photosensitive dermatitis occurs when photosensitizing substances (photodynamic agents) are present in sufficient concentration in skin and are exposed to light (Radostits, 2007).