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A device in a spectrophotometer that responds to photons in a manner usually proportional to the number of photons striking its light-sensitive surface.
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Emberion estimates that replacing a system using silicon and InGaAs sensors with its graphene photodetector would result in a 30 per cent cost reduction.
The need for powerful cooling equipment for the photodetector has resulted in making the cameras relatively large, which renders them unsuitable for use in applications that require the installation of multiple cameras for full-surround monitoring, including aboard ships.
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In this study, since pin diodes have no internal gain, and the contribution from variance of the gain process in the photodetector is neglected for pin diodes.
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The photodetector [PD.sub.1] receives the beam reflected by flat mirror FMX, with its positions ([P.sub.H1], [P.sub.V1]) sensitive to yaw and pitch, respectively.
It was found from results that the photodetector has responsivity about 67 (A/W) in visible region at wavelength 500 nm.
Detarando said the sensor, or photodetector, will be able to make scans in order in less than 10 trillionths of a second; the current technology puts that figure in the billionths of a second.
Rain sensing method using direct attachment of light source and photodetector inside windshield glass [29, 30], in between barrier is placed to suppress primary parasitic radiation, was proposed; however, this configuration had limitation to increase sensitivity due to unwanted secondary parasitic radiation otherwise had low sensitivity.
The UVA might harm human's skin, and therefore it is an important issue to develop ultraviolet (UV) photodetector in the UVA-wavelength region.
The new photodetector features excellent ultraviolet (UV) response with a 100 mm2 active area.