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Capable of being chemically broken down by light.
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Photodegradable netting and biodegradable straw are teamed to control erosion and conserve moisture on newly seeded sloped and ditches.
Some manufacturers say their products are photodegradable, which means that they will biodegrade when exposed to sunlight.
Fluoroquinolones are photodegradable compounds that produce various photodegradation products (Tiefenbacher et al.
Says Dr Walter Focke, director of the Institute of Applied Materials at the university, the photodegradable bags "are a breakthrough when compared to ordinary plastic ones.
99 and comes complete with full planting instructions in its own photodegradable tree shelter to protect it until it gets established.
It was recently concluded that abiotic iron catalyzed photo- or thermooxidation is the rate-limiting step in the bioassimilation of photodegradable polyethylenes (16).
Many plastics used in bags are photodegradable so they will "disappear" in a reasonable period of time when improperly discarded.
A general claim of degradability or specific conditions of degradability such as photodegradable and biodegradable are expressly regulated by Rhode Island, California, and Indiana, as well as by the FTC.
Some states are trying to have their own definitions for such terms as recyclable, biodegradable and photodegradable.
Be leery of plastic or paper products that claim to be photodegradable or biodegradable packaging.
Photodegradable Enviro-Mate plastic bags have been introduced at Marsh's checkout counters.
Most supermarkets today use a plastic that is at least partly degradable - either photodegradable or biodegradable.