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To lose color or whiten by the action of light; for example, the use of a laser to bleach a fluorescent dye covalently linked to a macromolecule.
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When stimulated, the cell could pulse with light a few hundred times before the GFP gave out (technically, photobleached).
They are known to be photobleached when exposed to a light and used in photosensitized tumor therapy (Moan, 1986).
Burns of Procter & Gamble described the design and development of a new series of photobleaches based on the silicon phthalocyanine (SiPC) ring system.
It possesses a long wavelength absorption that photobleaches during curing.
A small region of interest (ROI) of a probed sample is photobleached by a brief exposure to an intense focused laser beam.
Additionally, in most photopolymerization systems, the photoinitiator is photobleached and the light penetrates more deeply into the sample as the photoirradiation continues.
When larvae whose ASO cells had been stained with DASPEI and exposed for 20 min to fluorescent irradiation and thus photobleached were placed in a seawater solution of acridine orange, the ASO cells uniquely absorbed the dye and emitted a green fluorescence (Fig.
The tissue was then photobleached by an exposure of approximately 30 min to white light and re-measured.