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Tanghetti is an investigator in an ongoing randomized, double-blind trial comparing tazarotene with tretinoin cream (Renova), the other FDA-approved treatment for photoaged skin.
The dermatologic evaluation showed that a 4-week twice daily application of a serum containing the combination improved the main clinical signs of photoaged skin.
By administering stem cells systemically, the study has the potential to target skin damage throughout the body and promises to pave the way for new treatment approaches for photoaged skin.
Satoshi Onoue of Kose provided details on the development of a new method for the evaluation of tropoelastin (TE) deposition and investigated the involvement of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in photoaged skin including abnormal accumulation of tropoelastin induced by UVA irradiation.
Based on these reports, the balance of MMP-1 and type I procollagen expression play an important role in aged and photoaged skin.
The 4% hydroquinone-based skin care program, known commercially as the Obagi([R]) Condition & Enhance System, helps correct premature photoaged skin and prevent future skin damage.
54) In the deeper layer of the skin known as the dermis, retinol halts the breakdown of collagen and stimulates its synthesis in both naturally aged and photoaged skin.
The combined action of the active components of Tricutan could be expected to have a beneficial effect on firmness in photoaged skin.