photic stimulation

pho·tic stim·u·la·tion

the use of a flickering light at various frequencies to influence the pattern of the occipital electroencephalogram and also to activate latent abnormalities.
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Photic stimulation has been implicated in seizure induction and has been shown to induce generalized seizures.
Most (117) underwent intermittent photic stimulation EEG between seizures.
Eligible subjects are those patients with demonstrated epileptiform activity by electroencephalogram (EEG) in response to photic stimulation (also called a "photoparoxysmal response to light") and represent a small subset of all patients with epilepsy.
The first group was subjected to photic stimulation before the microwave exposure and 6 subjects were significantly affected by the microwave exposure [19].
PHOTIC stimulation - which involves shining a gently pulsed (intermittent) light into closed eyes for about 15 minutes a day - helps to resynchronise brain function where conditions causing a hormonal imbalance have been diagnosed, for example pre-menstrual syndrome.
Timing of puberty and EEG coherence during photic stimulation.
By incorporating a neurofeedback system that combines photic stimulation with EEG therapy, the unique system achieves rapid improvement in mental and physical states, yielding long-lasting, permanent results.