phospholipase A1

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phos·pho·lip·ase A1

an enzyme that hydrolyzes a lecithin (1,2-diacylglycerophosphocholine) or related phospholipid to a 2-acylglycerophosphocholine and a fatty acid anion.
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Caption: FIGURE 2: Phospholipase A1 (A1) andphospholipase A2 (A2) activity of P30 trophozoite fractions as a function of time.
Structure and function of extracellular phospholipase A1 belonging to the pancreatic lopase gene family.
The other additives that were re-evaluated are acidified sodium chlorite, carrageenan and processed Eucheuma seaweed, isoamylase from Pseudomonas amyloderamosa, phospholipase A1 from Fusarium, venenatum produced by Aspergillus oryzae and steviol glycosides.
Focusing on the safety of specific food additives, international contributors present biological, toxicological, clinical, and dietary data on such common additives as beeswax, phospholipase A1 (an enzyme), and flavorings including aromatic amines and amides.
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