Phosphoric monoester hydrolases; enzymes (EC 3.1.3.x) cleaving phosphoric acid (as orthophosphate) from its esters; trivial names usually end in phosphate.
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It is rich in enzymes: hydrolases, lipases, peptidases, collagenases, alkaline phosphotase, 5-ribonucleotidase, phosphohydrolases, proteases, hyaluronidase, acid phosphatase and phospholipase [A.
Acid p-nitrophenyl phosphate phosphohydrolases of adult guinea.
Endophytic bacteria use a number of mechanisms to bring the solubilization of phosphorus that includes the activity of their enzymatic systems like phosphatases or phosphohydrolases with the processes like acidification, chelation, exchange reactions, but main mechanism in operation is the solubilization through the release of metabolites such as organic acids (Young et al.

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