phosphoglyceric acid

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phos·pho·gly·cer·ic ac·id

(fos'fō-gli-ser'ik as'id),
1. an acid anhydride between glyceric acid and phosphoric acid.
2. the deprotonated form, 2-phosphoglycerate, is an intermediate in glycolysis.
3. the deprotonated form, 3-phosphoglycerate, is an intermediate in glycolysis.
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phosphoglyceric acid

see PGA.
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Recombinant M-, B- and MB-type isozymes of human phosphoglyceric acid mutase: their large-scale production and preparation of polyclonal antibodies specific to M-and B-type isozymes.
Directions: Following the fight between the bride and groom, the 6-carbon compound splits in two to form two phosphoglycerates (phosphoglyceric acids, PGAs).

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