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A diesterified orthophosphoric acid, RO-(PO2H)-OR', as in the nucleic acids.
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The incisions were performed at four precise locations relative the UV adduct, one at the 8th phosphodiester bond 5' to the lesion and a second at the 4th or 5th bond 3' to the same lesion, thus generating a 12-13 nt long fragment.
All living systems contain nucleases, capable of interacting with nucleic acids and hydrolyzing the phosphodiester linkages.
1241###-###P=O of phosphodiester group of nucleic acids and phospholipids
CdtB exhibits DNase I activity, disrupting the phosphodiester bonds in chromosomal DNA.
Each nucleotide connects to another one with phosphodiester bond.
The phosphodiester bonds of ATP contain the energy necessary to drive reactions in living systems, giving up their stored energy when these bonds are chemically cleaved.
The hydrolysis of the phosphodiester bond drastically affects the toxicity of organophosphate pesticides, thus being an important step for their detoxification [4, 5].
PNA has the same nucleotide bases (A, T, C and G) but having peptide backbone instead of phosphodiester linkage.
The individual nucleotides are joined together by groups of phosphates that form the phosphodiester bond between the 3' and 5' carbon atoms of sugars.
This site is also characterized by the moiety DRGH, histidine (H) being responsible for the activation of the water molecule needed to carry out hydrolysis of the phosphodiester bond (9,14).
Separating DNA strands: The hydrogen bonding between the complementary bases is weaker than the phosphodiester bond between consecutive nucleotides within a strand.
Zagorowska, I, Kuusela, S, Lonnberg, H, "Metal Ion-Dependent Hydrolysis of RNA Phosphodiester Bonds Within Hairpin Loops.

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