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A compound of phosphorus with valence -3, for example, sodium phosphide, Na3P.


A compound of phosphorus with valence -3, e.g., sodium phosphide, Na3P.


(fos'fid) [? + phorein, to carry]
A binary compound of phosphorus with an element or radical.

aluminum phosphide

A pesticide used to protect stored grains from insects and rodents. After exposure to water it is converted to hydrogen phosphide, a poison that inhibits cellular oxidative metabolism, esp. in metabolically active organs. It may be toxic or deadly to humans if ingested or inhaled. Its chemical formula is AlP.


There is no specific antidote. Cardiopulmonary support is given to intoxicated patients.

hydrogen phosphide

A poison that is released when phosphide pesticides react with water. It inhibits oxidative metabolism in cells and may be deadly if eaten or inhaled. Chemical formula is PH3. Synonym: phosphine

zinc phosphide

A toxic pesticide that releases hydrogen phosphide after exposure to water. Its chemical formula is Zn3P2.
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Administration of graded doses of aluminium phosphide did not cause significant changes in the liver MDA concentrations of juvenile catfish when compared to control values (p [greater than or equal to] 0.
Effects of CA Addition on the Structure of Molybdenum Phosphide Catalysts
Zinc phosphide is a potent gastric irritant; profuse vomiting and abdominal pain are often the first symptoms.
Utilizing a production grade metal-organic vapor-phase epitaxial (MOVPE) growth reactor, indium phosphide semiconductor was selectively grown on silicon in a pre-patterned oxide template , realizing indium phosphide waveguide arrays across the entire 300mm substrate.
AXT designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance compound and single element semiconductor substrates comprising gallium arsenide, indium phosphide and germanium through its manufacturing facilities in Beijing, China.
Colonel Abdul Qader Al Ameri, the head of the forensic lab at Sharjah Police, said aluminium phosphide is "forbidden to use in residential areas as it causes a gas that can leak to other flats through the air-conditioning and cause lethal poisoning.
In this survey, the effect of phostoxin (a fumigant rodenticide) on the main reservoir host and vector of the disease were compared with zinc phosphide 2.
The Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW) has confirmed to Khaleej Times that "it is working on finding safer alternatives for aluminium phosphide that is classified as a severely restricted agricultural pesticide for indoor fumigation of raw agricultural commodities in silos and grain warehouses only.
Nanoparticles of zinc phosphide have been created before but they were chunky and not very uniform.
Phosphide toxicity in man and experimental animals has been widely reported [5-9] and has been linked to phosphine gas which it releases when it reacts with acid or water.
The ingestion of half tablet containing 50 grams of the active Aluminum Phosphide is considered fatal according to studies done in India and Hong kong1,4.
Hesham Abdul Rahman Al Yahya, Head of the Pest Control Section, confirmed that there is still a problem with residents buying toxic and deadly aluminium phosphide and using it in their homes without the proper supervision of the authorities.