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phonon (fōˑ·nn),

n a discrete unit of sound energy that can travel through the piezoelectric medium of connective tissue.
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Ujwal Makhija, Managing Director, Phonon Communications said, "Linking millions of bank accounts, insurance policies, mutual fund portfolios and mobile numbers with Aadhaar in such a short time is proving to be a logistical nightmare for businesses.
Ujwal Makhija further adds "Being a Gujarat-based company, it's all the more a matter of pride for Phonon.
Caption: FIGURE 1: Calculated phonon dispersion curves of bulk Mg along high-symmetry directions in the Brillouin zone.
The calculated wavelengths correlates well to the unit cell parameters and found in agreement with the theoretical prediction for a- and AY-cages in Type A zeolites, which further confirm the fact that the development of a cage was the result of the excitation of ions by phonon [26].
The Debye length is an important parameter of the phonon processes, since [[lambda].
E]) are the coefficients for phonon and Auger-assisted relaxation, respectively, related to the WL (ES).
This generates an archaeal electromagnetic field of 10-7 Hz and a digoxin induced quantal pumped phonon system using archaeal dipolar magnetite.
The frequency of the O(4)-Ag phonon mode is intimate linked to O(4) oxygen atom in the Barium plane.
According to the micromechanism of thermal conduction, the thermal conduction of ceramics is mainly the result of phonon impacting.
At higher electric field, inter-valley optical phonon emission dominates causing the drift velocity to saturate at around 0.
Interests in these materials were greatly increased by the introduction of the phonon "glass electron crystal (PGEC)" concept (22).
7] dependence of the phonon upscattering and, perhaps, aide in the diagnosis of the observed lifetime shifts.