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Pertaining to or having the characteristics of a phoneme.
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As mentioned earlier in this study, English utilizes vowel length phonemically while Shona does not.
Both groups of words were phonemically balanced and of approximately equal difficulty.
1]VV(C), where C and V stand for phonemically short segments, VV represents phonemically long vowels or diphthongs, [C.
tharrbun instead of [tharbu:n]; ar(i) d aruh) and omission of phonemically irrelevant or marginal features (e.
These prose versions were transcribed phonemically.
In order to read an unfamiliar word phonemically, a child must attribute a phoneme to each letter or letter combination in the word and then merge the phonemes together to pronounce the word.
The Phonemic Decoding Efficiency (PDE) subtest measured the subjects' ability to phonemically decode nonwords.
She now knows that evidence indicates that students who can read are phonemically aware.
Similarly, be cites a Norwegian aphasic who lost the ability to pronounce tones phonemically in Norwegian.
As long ago as the sixties and seventies, and before, New Zealand educators had children 'sound out' and engage in verbal games that had them phonemically segment words.
The monosyllable "sack," on an upbeat but phonemically heavy and long to articulate, site in for the Cat's tripping disyllable tribus.
An example of this is iinii (bison), which is phonemically embedded in terms such as iinii'im and iinii'tsawa (holding someone in special regard or favor).