phobic disorders

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pho·bic dis·or·ders

(fōbik dis-ōrdĕrz)
General term for emotional difficulty related to phobias.
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Regarding treatment, learning theorists proved themselves very effective in the conceptualization and treatment for Phobic disorders so the same principles would be applied to OCD.
* AUDs were related to increased psychiatric severity among individuals who were diagnosed with phobic disorders (Schade et al.
Despite some people underestimating the severity of people's sudden reactions when stricken by fear, phobic disorders are considered a form of psychiatric illnesses.
Family studies have shown specific familial aggregations for panic disorder, (15,16) GAD, (17) obsessive-compulsive disorder, (18-20) SP, and other phobic disorders. (21-23) Studies conducted on parents of children with SR and SAD have revealed similar results to those of other anxiety disorders.