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Pertaining to or characterized by phobia.
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Of, relating to, arising from, or having a phobia.
One who has a phobia.
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adjective Referring to a phobia or irrational fear.
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Pertaining to or characterized by phobia.
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Patient discussion about phobic

Q. what is phobia? well when you have scary to someone or something

A. A phobia is fear from something- an object, a person or a situation, that makes the person feel scared to face that certain situation, and even try and avoid it- for example- some people are scared of closed places ("agoraphobia")- they cannot sit at the cinema or at an elevator because of the fear of not being able to escape if needed. Some people have a social phobia and they cannot face a crowd, or perform in front of a crowd (some can't even speak out loud in front of other people).

Q. how to treat my social phobia?

A. there is a protocol for treating any kinds of phobias. it requires time and a psychologist. it's consisted of learning relaxation methods and doing everything in small steps until you can handle your phobia.

Q. i feel huge tension when i am in close narrow environment , is it a phobia?

A. Yes, it may be considered a phobia, or more specifically situational type phobia. However, the important thing is whether is this fear reasonable? Do you think it's out of proportion? Phobia is a fear that one perceive as irrational and out of proportion and yet one feels and is affected adversely by it. If this fear is appropriate (e.g. fear of falling in mountain climbing) it's not a phobia.

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"When dogs are really phobic like that, you're not reinforcing the behavior," she says.
More specifically, I mean that the theorization of the affect, especially in its connection with the phobic, has deep ties to the colonial racist figure of "the primitive." In Freud's account of horror, the phobic affect is projected onto the (racialized) "primitive" culture: horror as the ambivalent affect of the taboo (both veneration and dread, or sacredness and defilement) is understood as an attitude prevalent in "immature" civilizations.
The initial phase involves an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, similar to other common phobic responses.
While this explains why a person can acquire a phobic disorder at any age, Dr Afridi said that typically phobias don't start until after a child has formed a sense of self at age two.
Using the samples, the researchers analysed telomere lengths, as well as the participants' concurrent self-reports regarding phobic symptoms on a validated questionnaire.
A MERICA, the sole superpower, the most prosperous and advanced nation in the world is famously phobic! One constant facet of its administration through these decades of dominance has been the ' creation' of enemies and threats, some real, but most of them imaginary.
To assume that all objections to homosexual acts are phobic is to reduce philosophy to pathology in which case a rational discussion on the subject is impossible.
It has always been a phobic and defensive society instead of a society filled with hope, comments analyst Sam Vaknin for Dnevnik.
Phobic disorders are conceived as amongst the most common of the anxiety disorders.