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Pertaining to or characterized by phobia.


Of, relating to, arising from, or having a phobia.
One who has a phobia.


Etymology: Gk, phobos, fear
pertaining to or resembling phobia.


adjective Referring to a phobia or irrational fear.


Pertaining to or characterized by phobia.

Patient discussion about phobic

Q. what is phobia? well when you have scary to someone or something

A. A phobia is fear from something- an object, a person or a situation, that makes the person feel scared to face that certain situation, and even try and avoid it- for example- some people are scared of closed places ("agoraphobia")- they cannot sit at the cinema or at an elevator because of the fear of not being able to escape if needed. Some people have a social phobia and they cannot face a crowd, or perform in front of a crowd (some can't even speak out loud in front of other people).

Q. how to treat my social phobia?

A. there is a protocol for treating any kinds of phobias. it requires time and a psychologist. it's consisted of learning relaxation methods and doing everything in small steps until you can handle your phobia.

Q. i feel huge tension when i am in close narrow environment , is it a phobia?

A. Yes, it may be considered a phobia, or more specifically situational type phobia. However, the important thing is whether is this fear reasonable? Do you think it's out of proportion? Phobia is a fear that one perceive as irrational and out of proportion and yet one feels and is affected adversely by it. If this fear is appropriate (e.g. fear of falling in mountain climbing) it's not a phobia.

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The other two patients' phobic problems were more in the world of perspective.
While social phobics are often extremely disabled by their fears, preliminary data indicate they may improve with social skills training, relaxation instruction or the use of beta blocker medication, according to the investigators.
They may enhance understanding of the phobic response but do not bring resolution.
ASDA seems to be falling under the spell of its union phobic US owner Wal-Mart.
Patients treated with escitalopram had significantly improved symptoms, such as phobic avoidance and anticipatory anxiety, compared with placebo.
Computer games offer a safe, convenient, and economical alternative to virtual reality technology, which has been used successfully in the treatment of phobic individuals to create anxiety-producing stimuli that can then be treated by phobic exposure therapy.
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Reboxetine reduces the number of major panic attacks and improves phobic symptoms in patients with panic disorder, reported Dr.
He quickly realized that if he de-emphasized the scary math part and reintroduced terms and ideas that we've all heard in high school but were too phobic to apply to real life, he could take the game to another level of thinking.
Experts classify fearful flyers in two groups: the phobic and the panic flyers.
The first season of ``Monk,'' the quirky mystery starring Tony Shalhoub as the phobic but brilliant San Francisco detective, is out.
The initial marketing effort will focus on the diabetics who are newly diagnosed, tired of having sore fingers, children, or those who are needle phobic.