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Aside from phobias of spiders or flying, having a social phobia makes it hard to interact with others out of fear of embarrassment, according to NIMH.
Lunch Box Studios is new to the mobile game market - only established in 2014 - but Banana Phobia looks to be a solid first title.
Once you have identified all the negative thoughts associated with your phobia, think of times when you have seen somebody else doing something associated it - such as crawling - without anything negative happening.
However, psychologists point out that stress at home, such as parental separation, may be the underlying cause of school phobia.
Anna Valeri, a university student from Armenia explained that her phobia from insects goes back to her childhood.
There are other therapies used in phobia treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
6% whose parents considered them shy, also met the DSM-IV lifetime diagnostic criteria for social phobia.
Shyness writ large - which is what a social phobia basically is - can stop people simply speaking to people and forces them to avoid social situations.
Needle phobia is a complex set of different conditions that causes people to avoid medical needle procedures.
The client had been diligent in attempting a variety of therapies for most of that time, practising the use of typical phobia treatments such as systematic imaginal and in vivo exposure.
An irrational fear of green peas - a splinter fear of the more general phobia of vegetables, called lachanophobia.
Volunteers experienced something that frightened them and scientists then removed the memory of fear, so that when they were once more confronted by their phobia, they were as blas as George Clooney at a cocktail party.