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(flok'sin), [C.I. 45405]
A red acid dye used as a cytoplasmic stain in histology.
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THECs were performed using a Malassez hemocytometer after a 1:200 dilution with an eosinophil dilution liquid containing phloxine B.
Yeast peptone dextrose agar (YPD, 1% yeast extract, 2% peptone, 2% dextrose, and 2% agar) supplemented with 50 [micro]g/ml phloxine B (Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
They stain deep purple with phosphotungstic and hematoxylin, yellow with elastica van Gieson, and bright red with Lendrum phloxine tartrazine.
Egg-masses on Phloxine B stained roots were quantified by using stereomicroscopeand root systems were rated for galling and egg mass presence on a 0 to 5 scale where 0 = no gall or egg masses, 1 = 1-2, 2 = 3-10, 3 = 11-30, 4 = 31-100, and 5 = >100 galls or egg masses per root system.
At harvest, to facilitate counting of egg masses, the washed roots were stained with phloxine B (Southey, 1986).
Phloxine B effect on immature stages of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) (Wiedemann).
x mountant, Dab(diamino benzidine), Disodium hydrogen phosphate, Ea-36, Edta powder, Eosin yellow powder, Ethanol, Ether, Ferric chloride, Formalin, Formic acid, Geimsa powder, Glycerol, Gold chloride, Haematoxylin powder, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen peroxide, Hypochlorite solution, Iron alum, Isopropyl alcohol, Leishman stain powder, Light green sf yellow, Lithium carbonate, Magnesium sulphate, May grunwald stain powder, Mercuric oxide, Mercuric sulphate, Mercuric iodide, Methanol, Methylene blue stain(powder), Micro cover glass 22x22, Micro cover glass 22x40, Micro cover glass 22x50, Micro slides, Neutral red powder, Nitric acid, Og-6 solution, Orange g stain, Paraffin wax, Periodic acid, Phloxine, Phospho tungstic acid, Picric acid, Pot .
Histological slides (hematoxylin phloxine saffron stain) at 10x magnification from surgical pathology, demonstrating that the bladder smooth muscle cells had proliferated.