Jacob's ladder

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Jacob's ladder,

n Latin name:
Convallaria majalis; parts used: flowers, leaves, roots; uses: anticonvulsant, cardiotonic, heart dis-ease, topical treatment for burns; precautions: persons with cardiac conditions. Increases risk of bradycardia when used with calcium channel blockers. Also called
ladder-to-heaven, May lily, muguet, our-lady's-tears.
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Phlox can be increased by division -the evidence is there for all to see on many a British street where plants have been passed over the garden wall.
Most other types of Phlox are hardy perennials - and very hardy at that.
When the annual and pointed phlox do manage to interbreed, their hybrid children rarely produce mature seeds.
The biggest threat to the Yreka phlox has been urban development within the species' limited range.
Cornus berries are white-hot in winter; Blue Paradise phlox lives up to its name; Schizostylis provide welcome colour; The impressive amaryllis is a display of pure flower power
Add a spark with shoes or a handbag in Emberglow, or perhaps a patterned scarf combining purpled Phlox or Deep Teal.
Our phlox capacitors IN the garden here, right the way through our daughter Alice's plot we have big clumps of a tall white form of phlox paniculata.
Astrantias thrive at in our soil | A flush of blush ALMOST as ubiquitous as the phlox here are astrantias.
No herbaceous border is complete without Phlox paniculata to provide amazing tall sheets of colour throughout the latter half of summer.
Some of my mum's white phlox from Annie's garden can be divided but we're going to supplement it with some open ground plants of dierent varieties from a grower in Suolk.
Herbaceous potentillas can be planted in front to hide the bare phlox stems.
Take root cuttings of Oriental poppies, verbascum, romneya and phlox.