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Jacob's ladder,

n Latin name:
Convallaria majalis; parts used: flowers, leaves, roots; uses: anticonvulsant, cardiotonic, heart dis-ease, topical treatment for burns; precautions: persons with cardiac conditions. Increases risk of bradycardia when used with calcium channel blockers. Also called
ladder-to-heaven, May lily, muguet, our-lady's-tears.
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Several recent, descriptive studies have explored floral scent composition in Phlox (Wiggam-Harper, 2003; Junker et al.
Phlox 21st Century is a strong new disease resistant variety, in a beautiful palette of colours, which has performed exceptionally well - even in this miserable summer.
Good varieties include Phlox subulata Amazing Grace, known as moss phlox, which has cushion-like mounds of soft, narrow leaves and produces pale pink flowers with deep pink eyes, and Phlox douglasii Lilac Cloud, which looks great in a terracotta pot.
While the phlox color genes act directly to keep the annual and pointed versions distinct, most newly found candidate speciation genes have arisen as by-products of evolutionary pressures not related to mating at all.
Dave Johnson, Tim Burnett, and Nadine Kanim, biologists with the Fish and Wildlife Service's Yreka office, have been collecting data on the phlox since March 2008.
Good companions The poker-like blooms stand out well among round flowers such as phlox and any daisylike blooms.
Rock garden types of phlox need well drained soil in full sun.
95 (inc p&p) you get one each of Echinacea Purpurea, Helenium Moerheim Beauty, Red Hot Poker Alcazar, Monarda Cambridge Scarlet, Phlox Blue Boy and Rudbeckia Goldstrum.
Brighten up your rock garden with a vibrant alpine phlox, which come in a range of colours from white to pink and purple, with or without stripes.
Look for lupine, sticky-leaf monkey flower, Matilija poppy, larkspur, Indian paintbrush, purple nightshade, woolly blue curls and prickly phlox.
PHLOX take their name directly from the Greek word flame, and this is undoubtedly due to their ability to add light and warmth to any spot on the garden.