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A hypothetical substance of negative mass that, according to the theory of G.E. Stahl, was given off by a substance when it underwent combustion, thus accounting for the decrease in mass of the ash over the original substance; abandoned after the discoveries of Priestley and Lavoisier concerning oxygen.
[G. phlogistos, inflammable]
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13) Adopting a foundationalist epistemology, which identified knowledge with "eureka" discoveries, or "crucial experiments," positivist-whig historians focused on Lavoisier's experiments on combustion: where the phlogistians saw the release of phlogiston (the principle of inflammability) from the combustible, Lavoisier saw the absorption of oxygen by the combustible.
No one would now take seriously ideas of human sacrifice, or phlogiston, or the droit du seigneur, and so forth, ad infinitum.
In a statement by Paul Adler of Phlogiston Company, "Every time I look at this unique halloysite, it reinvigorates my excitement.
Luckily, no one offered me shares in a phlogiston factory.
Adair Crawford (1748-1795) explained animal heat as the release of phlogiston (54)].
Born in the same year as Napoleon and growing up in the age of phlogiston, Jane Haldimand was 20 years of age when Lavoisier published his Traite Elementaire de Chimie.
The increasingly precise theories of thermo-dynamics, from the days of the phlogiston theory to the detailed understandings of today, illustrate the dated scientific developments available.
119) by arguing that mental events will one day go the way of phlogiston.
Samples were collected and sent to the Phlogiston Company in Macon, Georgia for analysis.
Thus there are two major theses to the book: the primary one involves a cognitive analysis of such conceptual changes as the chemical revolution in which Stahl's phlogiston theory was overturned by Lavoisier's oxygen theory; the Darwinian revolution that replaced the conception of special creation; the geological revolution whereby the theory of plate tectonics superceded that of continental drift; the revolutions initiated by Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, and Planck; and the twentieth-century revolutions in psychology involving behaviorism and the rise of cognitivism.
Atlas Mining Company (OTCBB:ALMI) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a consulting agreement with Paul Adler, president of The Phlogiston Company, a Georgia-based consulting firm specializing in industrial minerals.
According to clay specialist Paul Adler, of Phlogiston Company, "The grain size and lack of significant impurity make Dragon Mine halloysite superior to products currently on the market.