phlegmasia alba dolens

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old term for inflammation.
phlegmasia al´ba do´lens phlebitis of the femoral vein, with swelling of the lower limb, usually without redness, a condition that sometimes follows childbirth or an acute febrile illness. Called also milk leg.
phlegmasia ceru´lea do´lens an acute fulminating form of deep venous thrombosis, with pronounced edema and severe cyanosis of the limb.
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Extensive deep vein or iliofemoral thrombosis due to stasis of uterine blood, accompanied by painful swelling and pallor of the entire leg, a condition once common in parturition—hence, ‘milk leg’—more often seen in recent abdominal or pelvic surgery; with progression, veins become thrombosed, blood can’t return to heart, leg becomes cool, painful—cyanotic phlegmasia (cerulea dolens)—painful blue leg
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