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Overall, rejected specimens accounted for 0.3% of all outpatient phlebotomies. No ordering, patient preparation, or specimen collection practices were associated with rejection rates (Table 1).
(3) Most unsuccessful inpatient phlebotomies were unsuccessful because the patient was unavailable for collection.
In HH subjects, blood cadmium was highly related to the number of years of treatment by phlebotomy (Figure 2), the total amount of blood removed by phlebotomy, and the total number of phlebotomies. When we controlled for covariance through a stepwise multiple regression analysis, only years of treatment (adjusted [r.sup.2] = 0.48) and age, but not the amount of blood loss or the number of phlebotomies, were significantly correlated to blood cadmium.
(25) found no difference in blood lead between phlebotomized and nonphlebotomized subjects, and no correlation between blood lead and the number of phlebotomies. However, they did not investigate an association between blood lead and the number of years of treatment, which was the only association with lead in the present study.
Evaluation of three safety devices(*) used in phlebotomies based on surveillance and surveys of health-care workers (HCWs)([dagger]), by characteristic -- Minneapolis-St.
phlebotomies performed Conventional device 2,540,500 Safety device 1,875,995 Estimated no.
Time your personnel in the performance of phlebotomies according to your chosen parameters.
While not explicitly condoning the nonuse of gloves, one carefully worded passage of the CDC update says: "Institutions that judge that routine gloving for all phlebotomies is not necessary should periodically reevaluate their policy.