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Of particular note here is Benonzi's presentation of Whitehead's metaphysics as a more philosophically tenable basis for articulating and defending a Christian theological ethic compatible with the convictions that all creatures have moral worth and that God is truly affected by--and indeed truly loves and cares for--the world, convictions that Benzoni argues are systematically incompatible with Aquinas' metaphysics of moral bifurcation (127).
After finishing Inwood's exercise in reading Seneca philosophically, I could not help but be reminded of the work of Professor Roger Ames of the University of Hawaii, who is engaged in a similar kind of project with respect to Confucius, Laozi, and other early Chinese thinkers.
The Republican Party is philosophically so conservative.
William Stacy Johnson is reading the scriptures in a postmodern age, stating that we have to reach beyond the Foundations and beyond Totality by deconstructing the texts and going toward the Other, philosophically, ethically, and eschatologically.
With the park's close proximity to his home (hence the title), Cahill waxes philosophically about the realities of the park and its biological diversity.
One topic is whether the science of biology is philosophically autonomous from the physical sciences.
The Internet, at least philosophically, should not be owned by anyone,' he said, calling it 'part of everyday life.
Philosophically, devout yoga practitioners see themselves as inextricably linked to others and the natural world.
who sets the record straight and waxes philosophically.
The Bush administration, philosophically wedded to the idea of smaller government, issued a record-high number of pages of new federal regulations last year," reported the July 8th Washington Post.
Although our national forests provide a small fraction of domestic wood consumption, I believe this is a philosophically important contribution because it demonstrates that our society's well being is partly reliant on well-managed public lands.