philosopher's stone

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phi·los·o·pher's stone

a stone sought by the alchemists of the Middle Ages that was supposedly able to transmute base metals into gold, to make precious stones, and to cure all ills, and thus confer longevity; it was also believed to be a universal solvent.
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I don't know what Harry Potter's first book, The Philosopher's Stone , did more: make me daydream or hurt my sentiments when I grew past 11 - along with my cousins, who had introduced me to the name - the age you are supposed to be headhunted for magic school, and no Hagrid came.
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In 2005 one of the first edition Philosopher's Stone copies sold for PS22,327.
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The coder has been searching for talismans that, when put together, make the philosopher's stone. This stone allows a human to cheat death by becoming immortal.
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