Medtalk Root referring to the love of a thing
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Frost variables during the pull-down tests for the all surfaces (air at 5 [degrees]C and 78-80 % R.H., 8.5 [m.sup.3]/h) Surface Coating Frozen Droplet Freezing Freezing Type Radius (mm) Time Duration (min) (min) Mirror-finished 0.174 17.6 1.1 Aluminum ([theta] [approximately equal to] 75[degrees]) Super-Hydrophobic 0.139 12.9 2.2 ([theta] = 110-116[degrees]) Super-Hydrophilic 0.0985 11.6 0.9 ([theta] = 19-29[degrees]) Biphilic 1 (parallel) 0.134 / 0.187 15.8 2.5 philic / phobic Biphilic 2 (series) 0.181 / 0.245 16.3 1.8 philic / phobic Biphilic 3 (alternate) 0.131 17.8 1.2 Surface Coating Time until Type [DELTA]p = 0.35 in.
I am interested in Woolf's engagement with negative emotions, that is feelings, unlike desire or fear, that involve a turning away from an object, or, in Ngai's terms, those that are "organized by trajectories of repulsion rather than philic strivings 'toward'" (11).
It seems I am a phile, and suffer philic tendencies.
Alkaliphilic and halo philic hydrocarbonutilizing bacteria from kuwaiti coasts of the Arabian Gulf.
Eosino philic pneumonia due to Visceral Larva Migrans possibly caused by Ascaris suum: a case report and review of recent literatures.
Excess diabetes risk in exposed females may be secondary to a higher percentage of body fat, allowing for greater accumulation and retention of lipo philic compounds.
Petrochemical Illness and Philic - Phobic Dysequilibrium in the Gulf of Mexico
RAM stationary phases have a porous hydro philic exterior and a hydrophobic interior.
(2004) is similar to our method regarding cloning of cellulase genes as they screened two novel genes designated as cel12A and cel9A encoding an endoglucanase from a thermo philic bacteria Bacillus licheniformis GXN151, on the basis of plates showing the activity of carboxyl methyl cellulase.