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Medtalk Root for the love of something. See Normophilia, Paraphilia.
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This is the entire context that we can truly live out 'love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.' It is the universal love, the agape, that integrates the storge, the philia and the eros, and becomes a way of life, a state of being or existence without dichotomies, whole and integral.
In so doing, she focuses on the word philia, "friendly love." For McFague, philia is different from agape and eros.
class="MsoNormalspan xml:lang="EN-GBFinally, the friendship, fellowship or philia that makes me a philomaniac is not a complex or abstract virtue or philosophy.
(7) Bien que le theme du Lysis soit la philia et non pas Eros, de nombreux arguments presentes pour soutenir les principes proposes de l'amour (p.
Aristotelian philia as homophilic and androcentric, not to mention
Pero hay un lugar fallado del texto en el que el modelo de la philia sufre un desplazamiento de sentido, que hace que la comunidad no pueda pensarse, en terminos de Anderson, como "simultaneidad en tiempo homogeneo, vacio" (2011: 47) y evidencia por el contrario las dificultades para postular una nocion de comunidad uniforme o exenta de conflicto.
As Gil Weinreich, former editor-in-chief of our sister publication Research magazine, wrote in that magazine's September issue, the Greek philosopher defined three types of philia (imperfectly translated as love) between people:
(13) A complete account of the erotic character of philosophy would therefore have to take into account the identity within difference of all these classifications, and it would also have to consider the philological distinction between eros and philia, love and friendship, as these terms are applied to the Socratic or Platonic conception of philosophy.
One senses this is not a libidinous poetics of eros, though, but the purview and philia of ethical enactment.
Desta sorte, a hospitalidade revela-se como "soberania", entre anfitriao e Outro-estranho, dominada pela philia. A amizade estabelece a unidade da hospitalidade.