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A type of ectohormone secreted by an individual and perceived by a second individual of the same species, thereby producing a change in the sexual or social behavior of that individual; first discovered as a sex attractant in insects.
[G. pherō, to carry, + hormaō, to excite, stimulate]

pheromones (ferˑ··mōnz), chemicals secreted into the environment by insects and some animals to ward off predators or to attract the opposite sex of the same species.
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This year, North Willamette Valley hazelnut growers also are using pheromones.
It's the first study to specifically test whether artificial night lighting disrupts moth sex pheromone production, says network ecologist Callum Macgregor of the University of Hull in England.
Pheromones beetles Ips duplicatus specific BUC 4140
Sex pheromones are expected to witness the fastest growth at a CAGR of over 5.
com/community/the-contech-blog/item/180000-bites-later) Contech Enterprises, a company that sells environment-friendly products, to finalise the formulation of the pheromone so it would be manufactured soon.
More than 200 PBAN-like peptides have been identified in other insects, such as cockroaches, but their pheromone biosynthesis activation function outside of moth species was unknown until now," he says.
This happens because receptors in the moth brain for each pheromone component have differential rates of sensory adaptation and each type of receptor begins to fire at a different rate, causing the input into the moth's brain to change as the moth flies along the plume," explained Teun Dekker, a former UCR graduate student and now an associate professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and a coauthor on the study.
Sex pheromones are usually involved in asymmetric mate recognition.
Glyndwer's expertise in using biopolymers as rheology modifiers, or thickening agents which affect the consistency of materials, will be crucial for the effective delivery of the pheromones and the controlled release technology.
To help them along, females exude a chemical lure, a pheromone that has an irresistible scent to the males.