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 [fen´il, fe´nil]
the monovalent radical, C6H5- derived from benzene by removal of hydrogen. adj., adj phenyl´ic.
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phen·yl (Ph, Φ),

The univalent moiety, C6H5-, of benzene.
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(Ph, Φ) (fen'il)
The univalent radical, C6H5-, of benzene.
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Synthesis of 1-[2 (substituted phenyl)-4-oxothiazolidin-3-yl]-3-(6-fluro-7-chloro-1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl)-ureas as anthelmintic agent.
Cg1 and Cg2 are the centroids for the phenyl ring C11-C16 and the pyrazole ring N1N2 C1C2 C3, respectively.
Kinetics of micellar catalysis and inhibition on alkaline fading of stable tri- phenyl methyl dye cations.
Figure 10 shows the relationship between the strain and the orientation functions of the transition dipole moment of the polymer main chain and phenyl groups in the side chains of PPhMA and PFPhMA.
Accordingly, the methyl phenyl polysiloxane resin adhered very well to the underlying metal substrate, regardless of the presence of the organosilane interlayers.
The increased activity is due to the presence of halogen at the fifth position and a phenyl ring at the third position of indole.
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Phenyl meta-chlorophenyl carbamates 1a,b can be distinguished by the presence of chlorine on the N-aryl group (function present in chlorpropham) and by the different substitution on nitrogen (function present in phenisopham) (Figure 2).
showed that in the case of [P.sup.t][Bu.sub.3] ligands, complex 3a is more reactive toward phenyl bromide than Pd[([P.sup.t][Bu.sub.3]).sub.2] [20].
4,4,4- trichloro-3-oxo-2-(phenyl-hydrazono)-butyric acid ethyl ester 2 was prepared by diazotization of required primary amine is diazotized with sodium nitrile and HCl mixture at 0-5 and it is coupled with ethyl 4,4,4-trichloro-3-oxobutanoate and afforded phenyl diazonium aceto acetic ester