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See phenolate.
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4] OH, In this case the reaction of the hydroxymethylation in the formaldehyde solution is presented in the methylene glycol shape, the phenol reacts quickly with the alkaline medium by forming the ion phenoxide (figire 1) which is stabilised by resonance (figure.
In this case the halogenation reaction is followed in the same manner as when treated with bromine water where an aqueous solution of phenol gives an immediate precipitate of 2,4,6-tribromophenol, owing to the powerfully activating influence of the negatively charged oxygen in the phenoxide ion [22] (figure 10).
Obviously it is important whether the substituent of neighbouring C1 is the hydroxyl group or phenoxide ion.
5-37 ppm for o,p'-methylene has three well-resolved peaks with quite constant chemical shifts but with different intensities dependent on the substitution pattern and hydroxyl group or phenoxide ion in C 1 position (Table 3).