Phenothiazine in which S is replaced by O; as the 3-oxo derivative (phenoxazone), phenoxazine is the chromophore of actinomycins.
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Recently chloranil was employed as cyclising agent for the synthesis of dissymmetric TPDOs, however, the product was obtained indirectly through bisphenoxy or phenoxazine tricyclic intermediate [14, 15] instead of dianilide intermediate.
Sharma, Some 1,4-benzoxazino[2,3-b] phenoxazines Derivatives as Antibacterial, Muscle Relaxant and Hypnotic Agents, Indian J.
The nile red is a red phenoxazine dye which is used to screen the lipid producing microalgae.
Abstract: This article describes a semi-empirical study on the thermodynamics involved in the synthesis of three nove l ortho, meta and para, potentially intercalating phenoxazine 1 derivativ es o-(6), m-(7) and p-(8).
Keywords: Phenoxazine, PM3 calculation, conformational structures, equilibrium constant, thermodynamics.
Literature suggests that the main chain of poly-2-aminophenol contains phenoxazine unit (8), (37).
To the calculated of electrochemical yield of the polymer was necessary to suppose that the structure of poly-2-aminophenol is similar to phenoxazine, (cyclic chain), and the structure of poly-3-aminophenol and poly-4-aminophenol polymerize by N[H.
For flow cytometric analysis of adipogenesis, the fluorescent phenoxazine dye Nile Red, which stains neutral lipid (Greenspan et al.
Serum starved cells were exposed to 100 nM-2000 nM phenoxazine derivatives before stimulating with IGF-I (10 ng/mL) for 10 min.
Several types of electron mediators considered are as follows: ferrocene, hexacyanoferrate, tetrathiafulvalene, ophenylenediamine, quinones, flavins, quinoic type compounds, such as phenoxazines and organic dyes, including methylene blue (MB), Prussin blue, phenazines, toluidine blue, methylene green, meldola's blue, and tionin (REZAEI-ZARCHI et al.
The similar behavior was observed for phenoxazines, phenothiazines and phenazines adsorbed onto Zr([H.