phenotypic variance

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phenotypic variance

the amount of variation in a phenotypic trait amongst individuals in a population.


one of the measures of the dispersion of data; the mean squared deviation of a set of values from the mean.

additive genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to the additive effect of genes (VA).
analysis of variance
a statistical method for comparing values, expressed in terms of means or variance, of one or more variables in several subgroups of a population. Called also anova.
non-additive genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to epistatic interactions (VI) and dominance deviations (VD).
non-genetic variance
that portion of phenotypic variance which is due to non-genetic effects such as environment (VE).
phenotypic variance
a measure of the extent to which individuals vary in their phenotype (VP). VP = VA + VD + VI + VE.
variance ratio distribution
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