phenotypic value

phe·no·typ·ic val·ue

in quantitative genetics, the metrical quantity of some trait associated with a particular phenotype.

phe·no·typ·ic value

(fē'nō-tip'ik val'yū)
quantitative genetics The metric quantity of some trait associated with a particular phenotype.
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ijk] was the phenotypic value of each trait (CW or CL), with [mu] as general mean; [A.
The phenotypic value of a given trait is the result of genetic heritage (genotype) of the animal in addition to environmental effects and the effects of the genotype/environment interaction.
2) The method to generate individual phenotypic value in non-basic group was similar with that of basic group.
Table 1: Phenotypic value of 120 CNDH lines and parental 'Cheongcheong/Nagdong' for WBPH resistance
Thus, it measures the reliability of the phenotypic value as an indicator of the genotypic value (Ramalho et al.
For small and isolated populations, genetic drift or mating between relatives may increase homozygosity, and then results in a reduction of the mean phenotypic value of traits associated with fitness, such as inbreeding depression (Charlesworth & Charlesworth 1987, Falconer & Mackay 1996).
2] of 90%, 4 years of successive harvests to assess the phenotypic value of the progenies would be necessary.
First, multiple regression of phenotypic value on the number of marker alleles (0, 1, or 2) from the first parental inbred was performed on a chromosome-by-chromosome basis.
where p is the phenotypic value of macro- or microenvironmental plasticity; g and r are the genotypic and replicate contributions to p, respectively; and [Xi] is the parameter characterizing the strength of genotype X replicate interaction: there is no interaction if [Xi] = 0, whereas larger values of [Xi] indicate more multiplicative interaction.
Where Yij is the phenotypic value of body weight, u is the population mean for body weight, gi is the fixed effect of ith genotype (i = 1-3) and eij counts the residual effects associated with jth observation of ith genotype.