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phe·nol·sul·fon·phthal·e·in (PSP),

(fē'nol-sŭl'fōn-thal'ē-in, -thal'ēn),
An indicator in tissue culture media (yellow at pH 6.8, red at pH 8.4); occurs as a bright to dark red crystalline powder; in the past given by parenteral injection as a test for renal function.
Synonym(s): phenol red
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(fen?ol-sul?fon-thal'e-in, -thal'en?),


A bright red organic chemical C19H14O5S used diagnostically in studies of kidney function, bladder emptying, and, after intra-amniotic injection, in invasive tests for premature rupture of membranes.
CAS # 143-74-8
Synonym: phenol red
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