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phenols (fēˑ·nlz), aromatic compounds found in some essential oils; possess strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties and also act as nerve stimulants and immunostimulants; can cause hepatotoxicity and irritate the skin.
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The success of phenol treatment in pilonidal disease is related to its easy application, low cost, and rapid healing process.
Keywords: Genetic algorithm, Adsorption isotherm, Adsorption of phenol, Adsorption kinetics.
Biodegradation, phenol, wastewater, Bacillus subtilis, Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Phenol formaldehyde resin had a relative molecular mass of 300 Da, a viscosity of 12-17 MPa x s at 25[degrees]C, a solid content of 40-42%, and a cure time of 80-100 s.
Some phenols in the soils originate from the transformation of pesticides such as 2.
The results obtained confirm that the designed modified electrode can successfully be used for the quantitative determinations of phenols and chlorophenols using voltammetry.
Australian scientists assessed the influence of wine cultivar on the uptake and accumulation of smoke-borne phenols in grapes.
Phenol and its derivatives which are known as toxic carcinogenic aromatics abundantly occur in environment by disposal of phenol-containing effluents of number of industries.
Conventional processes for removal of phenols from industrial wastewaters include exctraction, precipitation, ion exchange, adsorption, electrochemical techniques, irradiation etc.
Program Concerning the Reduction of Discharges of Phenols into the Water Bodies until 2014 // Order No 1042 from 26 July 2010 [In Estonian].
In recent decades, growing concerns about the depletion of fossil fuel, environmental carbon footprint, and the ever-rising price of petroleum-based products, such as phenol, have created a strong interest in exploring renewable biomass materials as alternative feedstock to fully or partially replace petroleum-based phenol for producing PF resins.
Phenol is used in the production of a number of chemicals like- bisphenol-A (BPA), phenolic resins, caprolactam, alkylphenols, aniline, 2,6-xylenol, etc.