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An enzyme that catalyzes oxidation of benzenediols to semiquinones with O2.
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This and other sulfites provide longer product shelf life by delaying phenolase (enzymatic) browning, oxidation, and microbial growth on product surfaces.
Protein assay by coomassie brilliant blue G-250-binding method is unsuitable for plant tissues rich in phenols and phenolases. Analytical Biochemistry 1987; 163(2):376-384.
Phenolic substances produced by plants or lichens have shown inhibition/activation effects on the activity of enzymes such as phenolases, including tyrosinase [8-10].
Environmental factors affect plants' metabolism, influence the activity of isoenzymes, especially esterase, peroxidases, phosphatases and phenolases, and cause different enzyme patterns or activities (MALONE et al., 2006).