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An enzyme that catalyzes oxidation of benzenediols to semiquinones with O2.
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The most active consumption of oxygen in fresh juice with a low microbial bioload is via the phenol oxidases. In must, given the higher microbial pop ulations, competition of microbial activity with enzymatic oxidation occurs.
Properties of phenol oxidase in Fasciola gigantica.
Poly phenol oxidase (PPO): It shows that, more activity of poly phenol oxidase enzyme (Table 1) was observed in infected leaves over healthy leaves of same variety.
And that could stimulate phenol oxidase reactions in the peatlands to unleash more of the 455 gigatons of carbon--an amount equal to about 60 percent of that in the atmosphere now.
Soil Enzymes influencing mineral cycle Soil enzyme Enzyme reaction Mineral cycle [beta]-glucosidase Hydrolysis of Cellobiose Carbon Cellulase hydrolysis of Cellulose Carbon Phenol oxidase hydrolysis of Lignin Carbon Urease hydrolysis of Urea Nitrogen Phosphatase Release of P[O.sup.4.sub.-] Phosphorous Arylsulphatase Release of S[O.sup.4.sub.-] Sulfur Urease Hydrolysis of urea Nitrogen Protease Hydrolysis of protein Carbon
Influence of developmental stage on activities of Poly phenol oxidase, internal characteristics and colour of lettuce cv.
Phenol oxidase (PO), also known as tyrosinase, is a copper-containing enzyme with monophenol monooxygenase activity and o-diphenol oxidase activity.
To regenerate the fungal lactase, the investigators used a copper-containing phenol oxidase that oxidizes a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic compounds with the concomitant reduction of oxygen to water.
The supernatant was used as enzyme extract for assaying of Peroxidase (PO) and Poly Phenol Oxidase (PPO).
Proenzyme of Manduca sexta phenol oxidase: purification, activation, substrate specificity of the active enzyme, and molecular cloning.