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An enzyme that catalyzes oxidation of benzenediols to semiquinones with O2.
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The traditional methods have created assumption that activation of a particular enzyme calls phenol oxidase, and is sufficient ability to create melanization.
Poly phenol oxidase and peroxidase enzymes were assayed by method suggested by Sadasivam and Manickam (1996).
Melanization of inner layers of cuticle can occur by deliverance of substrate and the phenol oxidase activator through the pore canals (Unestam & Ajaxon 1976).
To regenerate the fungal lactase, the investigators used a copper-containing phenol oxidase that oxidizes a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic compounds with the concomitant reduction of oxygen to water.
In the field, the team found that a doubling in phenol oxidase activity led to a comparable increase in carbon dioxide production.