phase transition

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phase transition,

n the response of a system to a disturbance resulting in novel, emergent properties of order and organization.
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The study of the shape phase transitions in nuclei can be best done in the IBM, which reproduces well the data in several transitional regions [8,11].
The prediction was given that the leading Western ethnic groups are on the verge of an inertia-obscuration phase transition which is the period of an ethnicity senile agony characterized by large-scale internal political conflicts [22].
The applications are grouped into four linked themes: (a) applications of phase transitions and change; (b) applications of open exchange, networks and community; (c) applications of attractors and calling; and (d) applications of fitness peaks and harmony.
Phase Transitions and Quasidynamical Symmetry in Nuclear Collective Models, III: The U(5) to SU(3) Phase Transition in the IBM.
Step-growth polymerization and the packing of rod-like molecules can explain the reaction-induced phase transition during isothermal cure.
DISTANT COUSINS For many researchers, the issue is no longer whether there's a liquid-liquid phase transition of water.
2a) gives the PES's calculated with GCM as a function of the shape poor rotor [beta] for shape phase transition from spherical to prolate deformed and in Fig.
A dynamic autotension feature, ranging between 2 and 20 g, was also used to compensate for sample shrinkage in the cooling-heating and phase transition process.
Valverde, Information transfer and phase transitions in a model of Internet traffic, Physica A 289 (3-4), 595-605 (2001).
Dielectric Behavior of YMnO3 Epitaxial Thin Film at around Magnetic Phase Transition Temperature Kazuhiro Maeda, Takeshi Yoshimura, Atsushi Ashida, Norifumi Fujimura
Evilevitch believes that researchers now have a possible new way to prevent infection blocking the phase transition.
Phase transitions between these shapes were studied, and it is known that the phase transition from U(5) to O(6) is second order, while any other transitions within the Casten triangle from a spherical to deformed shape is first order [7-23].