pharyngeal space

pha·ryn·ge·al space

the area occupied by the pharynx (nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharnynx). Not to be confused with the retropharyngeal space.
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Resonance cannot be fully explored until the singer is able to open the pharyngeal space and appropriately vibrate the vowel.
You have cancers of the salivary glands and rarer tumours like para pharyngeal space tumours, nerve sheath tumours, sarcomas, cancer in the ears affecting the temporal bone - but are rare.
mentioned that it is very important to observe the ratio between soft palate and pharyngeal space to preserve correct speech and prevent sleep apnea in later life.
Dural repair through the transoral approach is difficult and CSF leak into the pharyngeal space is a significant complication with high morbidity and mortality, making these key issues in the ultimate success of the surgery.
Accidental displacement of the third lower molar impacted towards the lateral pharyngeal space
Muscular action by the base of the tongue moves the food bolus into the pharyngeal space of the digestive tract.
The results showed that growth of the thyroid (as indicated by its volume) is not accompanied by expansion of the primordium into the surrounding pharyngeal space (as indicated by its area).
Common spaces for displacement of teeth include maxillary sinus, temporal space, infratemporal space, lateral pharyngeal space, sub mandibular space and buccal space.
To avoid the tendency to pull down on the back of the tongue while adding pharyngeal space for high notes, think of [e], regardless of whether the actual syllable is a front or back vowel.
Physicians rated each child's tonsillar size on a 1-6 scale, based upon the lateral diameter of the posterior pharyngeal space they took up.