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pertaining to the pharynx.
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(fă-rin'jē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation pharynge'al.
Relating to the pharynx.
Synonym(s): pharyngeus
[Mod. L. pharyngeus]
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(fə-rĭn′jē-əl, -jəl, făr′ĭn-jē′əl) also


Of, relating to, located in, or coming from the pharynx.
A speech sound produced in the pharynx.
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adjective Referring to the pharynx or throat
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Relating to the pharynx.
[Mod. L. pharyngeus]
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Relating to pharynx.
[Mod. L. pharyngeus]
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Patient discussion about pharyngeal

Q. I have a sore throat should I take antibiotics? I am a 19 years old collage student. in the past few days I feel a sore throat and I have pain in my left neck. I feel a new "lump" in my neck, it is a soft lump and its very tender to palpation. I also have a low degree fever (something like 37.8 c). How can i know if I need antibiotics?

A. You might need an antibiotic therapy. In general, sore throat that goes along without red eyes and general malaise tends to be with a bacterial origin and require antibiotic therapy. If it happens to many times, you can do a surgery to remove the tonsils as you can see here

Q. Why is it hard to swallow when you have a sore throat? I was sick last week. I had a sore throat pain in my neck and fever. the most annoying symptom that i had was pain during sallowing. what is the source of that pain, and what can I do to ease it next time?

A. When you have an inflammation in your body, the sick area hurts when its palpated. when your neck is inflamed, you have a pain in the neck. when the inside part of the neck is inflamed you have tonsillitis.
When you eat something, it touches your inside of the neck, and if it's inflamed it will be painful.
The good news is that you can treat this pain in the same way you treat other inflammatory pain - hot (NOT boiling) tea.

Q. what are the advantages of drinking tea while suffer from, sore throat, over a common pill??? i that case , what are the advantages of Alternative,"akk" - grandmother medicine , over the developed and more based treatments of the new world ?

A. actually if you drink hot tea with lemon,and a touch of honey.soothes a soar throat,you can also put whiskey init.

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