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Prospective (or Pilot) Huntington at Risk Observational Study. A study that aims to define the natural history and experiences of adults who are at risk for developing HD and who choose not to learn their gene status through predictive DNA testing
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Despite the numerous obstacles facing a non-profit, non-governmental cultural foundation, the Pharos Arts Foundation is always committed to artistic excellence and has been instrumental in the development of a classical concert-going tradition in our country," concludes Yvonne.
I am delighted that the team at Pharos Creative have been able to use the DigitalCity Fellowship scheme as the springboard for their business and wish them every success.
It is a fantastic feeling for all of us at Qalaa -- where we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit -- to return full ownership of Pharos to a group led by the visionary entrepreneur who founded it," said Ghada Hammouda Qalaa Holdings' Chief Marketing Officer.
Pharos Science & Applications is a provider of GPS navigation solutions, location-based services for mobile devices and 3G Smartphones.
Pharos Financial Advisors is a specialist emerging markets investment manager that is authorised and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority.
Pharos market experts will also be available throughout the conference to directly respond to visitors' inquiries and provide portfolio management advice geared towards retail investors.
Pharos Financial Group, a specialist emerging markets fund manager, ranks among the world's leading fund managers having focus on Russia and the CIS with a track record spanning over 11 years.
The Pharos Neutron Detector System, developed by Richard Riedel, Ronald Cooper, and Lloyd Clonts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tenn.
To help eliminate excess spending on printing and copying, Pharos Systems International is fusing Canon MEAP Technology with its Integrated MultiFunction Printer, a cost-recovery solution for Canon multifunction printers.
Three new Pocket PCs are good representatives of this new class: the iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion from Hewlett-Packard, the Pharos Traveler GPS 525 from Pharos Science & Applications Inc.
The Electric Mirror On The Pharos Lighthouse And Other Ancient Lighting
Bull terrier Florence was finally identified yesterday as the dog responsible for attacking the Queen's cherished corgi, Pharos, leaving it so badly injured that it had to be put down.