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[8] British Pharmacopeia Commission, The British Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia Commission, London, UK, 2013 edition, 2013.
The Indian Pharmacopeia Veterinary working group was instituted under leadership of Dr Rishendra Verma, Joint Director, NDRI and other officials of IPC namely Dr Raman Mohan Singh, Dr Nishant Dafale, Dr Robin Kumar and other officials of IPC.
In 2006, Pharmacopeia licensed certain rights to its JAK3 program to Wyeth under a Research and License Agreement.
The briefing was held days after the FDA met with Chinese officials, the USP and European Pharmacopeia, regulators in several countries, and heparin experts.
Under the terms of the companies' collaboration, Pharmacopeia has received $10 million from GSK in connection with early discovery activities and is entitled to an additional $5 million payment upon the completion of additional early discovery activities.
In drug-contact applications, GLS claims the new TPEs are very inert and show low levels of extractables and leachables, complying with Japanese Pharmacopeia Chapter 59.
Pharmacopeia, the FDA, and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.
Li's treatment covers some 1,000 species, including many that are not included in the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia. Following a general introduction to the venerable use of such remedies, the volume consists largely of a summary chart of the major chemical constituents and therapeutic values of Taiwanese medicinal herbs, cross-referenced to lists of their plant sources and common English and scientific names.
Serious medication errors are more likely in hospital radiology departments than in other hospital settings, research by The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) shows.
$327 has received United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI certification.
Several notable firms are maturing here, including Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Celgene, Pharmacopeia and Medarex, to name a few.
Pharmacopeia XXII Class VI approval, which includes strict limits on toxicity and intracutaneous toxicity of materials for medical use.