pharmacologic stress test

phar·ma·co·log·ic stress test

(fahr'mă-kŏ-loj'ik stres test)
An assessment of cardiovascular fitness, and especially of coronary perfusion, in which the intravenous injection of a pharmacologic agent such as dobutamine, dipyridamole, or adenosine is substituted for physical exercise.
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Primary care physicians were significantly more likely than were cardiologists or surgeons to order a pharmacologic stress test in patients who did not need one because they were able to complete the less costly exercise stress test.
All patients underwent, in random sequence, a standard pharmacologic stress test with adenosine, and a second, single-blind, pharmacologic stress test with one of four randomly selected doses of binodenoson.
Data from this clinical trial indicated that the GenESA System used with echocardiography is an effective and safe pharmacologic stress test technique for diagnosing or excluding the presence of coronary artery disease and that the ability of the GenESA System to induce myocardial ischemia, detectable by echocardiography, was comparable to that for exercise.
In contrast, vasodilator pharmacologic stress tests cause myocardial ischemia by an entirely different mechanism.
DESCRIPTION: The most often used cardiovascular studies are EKG exercise tests, pharmacologic stress tests, radionuclide studies (thallium and sestamibi), and resting and stress echocardiography.
The remaining 353 patients had pharmacologic stress tests, using dipyridamole (152), adenosine (122), or dobutamine (79).
Barrett observed, "Approximately 3 million pharmacologic stress tests are performed in the United States each year to diagnose heart disease in patients who cannot perform traditional exercise stress tests.
This brochure explains why tests other than standard electrocardiograms may be necessary, such as exercise or pharmacologic stress tests, nuclear scans or echocardiograms.
sites were referred for pharmacologic stress tests and SPECT imaging for myocardial perfusion (MP).
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