pharmaceutical chemistry

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phar·ma·ceu·ti·cal chem·is·try

medicinal chemistry in its application to the analysis, development, preparation, and the manufacture of drugs.

pharmaceutical chemistry (Pharm Chem)

the science dealing with the composition and preparation of chemical compounds used in medical diagnoses and therapies.

pharmaceutical chemistry

The chemistry of medicines, their composition, synthesis, analysis, storage, and actions.
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In the subsequent three years, trainees will have the option of participating in either the Distance Masters Program at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The University of Kansas, or expanding their laboratory skills to include Good Manufacturing Practices.
Rekka and Kourounakis are both affiliated with the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
He earned a doctoral degree in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry from the Ohio State University, and a bachelor of pharmacy degree from the Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University in India.
This text for second- and subsequent-year undergraduates studying medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and other related degrees assumes "Level 1" knowledge of chemistry but no previous knowledge of biological subjects.
Hans-Dieter Holtje is director of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf (Germany) where he also holds the chair of Medicinal Chemistry.
Holtje directs the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Heinrich-Heine-University, Dusseldorf, Germany.
Silber has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology from the University of California, San Francisco.
Our goal is to continue to strive to meet the needs of our existing and prospective clients by adding to our capabilities in pharmaceutical chemistry development and manufacturing," said Timothy Scott, President at Pharmatek.
Marks, MD, PhD, professor of anesthesia and pharmaceutical chemistry at UCSF and chief of anesthesia at San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center.
The company has more than 100 companies and institutions around the world using its pharmaceutical chemistry.
a premier pharmaceutical chemistry development organization supporting the pharmaceutical industry - has completed comprehensive airborne particulate testing of its new state-of-the-art facility for the development and manufacturing of highly-potent and cytotoxic compounds.

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