phantom limb pain

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phan·tom limb pain

the painful sensations experienced in an amputated (phantom) limb, most often the upper extremity; typically comprises burning or aching pain, exacerbated by attempted movement of the phantom limb and by emotional stimuli.
Chronic intense pain localised to the site of an amputated or denervated limb; 60–70% of amputees have a phantom limb sensation; 10–15% have phantom limb syndrome; the pain often reflects the amount of pre-amputation pain, and is often refractory to excision of amputation neuroma, rubbing, electrical stimulation, peripheral nerve or spinal blocks, narcotics, sympathectomy
Treatment Use of a mirror in a box that places the intact limb visually in the same site as the missing extremity; with the use of symmetrical movements, the patient ‘unlearns’ activities that were formerly carried out by the missing limb

phan·tom limb

, phantom limb pain (fan'tŏm lim, pān)
The sensation that an amputated limb is still present, often associated with painful paresthesia.
Synonym(s): pseudesthesia (3) .

phantom limb pain,

n pain felt by an amputated individual that seems to be arise from the missing limb; often managed by learning to increase flow of blood to the residual limb.

phan·tom limb pain

(fan'tŏm lim pān)
Painful sensations experienced in an amputated (phantom) limb, most often an upper limb.
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Because phantom limb pain has several causes, practitioners often use an array of approaches to manage this challenging condition.
This patient, the patient with phantom limb pain, actually had a large increase in PRI-miscellaneous scores from a baseline score of 4 to a one year score of 12 Again, this patient's diagnosis and ongoing disability related to the amputation may have had an impact on scores in this category, since it was originally designed to include words that were specific to certain types of pain.
The best evidence is from those with phantom limb pain and complex regional pain syndrome, but there is also data from chronic back pain.
Intravenous calcitonin alleviates spinal anesthesia-induced phantom limb pain.
According to Kate,as many as 70pc of people suffer from phantom limb pain, which may happen because the nerves severed by surgery continue to send occasional messages back to the brain.
Phantom limb pain and psychological preparation of the patient
Phantom limb pain is pain perceived in a region of the body that is no longer present.
Perhaps the best example of a pain memory trace is found with phantom limb pain," suggested Coderre.
Table 4 15: Methods of treating phantom limb pain 167
That happens mostly in neuropathic pain and quasineuropathic syndromes such as fibromyalgia, phantom limb pain, or complex regional pain syndrome.
We think that tinnitus may be a sort of sensory analog to phantom limb pain," Lockwood says.