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1. an image or impression not evoked by actual stimuli.
2. a model of the body or of a specific part thereof.
3. a device for simulating the in vivo effect of radiation on tissues.


The mental imagery produced by fantasy.
Synonym(s): phantom (1)
[G. phantasma, an appearance]


The mental imagery produced by fantasy.
Synonym(s): phantom (1) .
[G. phantasma, an appearance]
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(13) This is a crucial insight because it brings out the fact that the sophist deals with phantasms on two levels.
In other words, he is concerned with whether the content of perceptual presentation (sensation) and the content of the phantasy presentation (phantasm) exhibit some intrinsic difference independently of the form of apprehension (cf.
The phantasm usually shows itself to Veronica as a dark and faceless figure.
To avoid possible misunderstandings, let me add this: when I talk about the recreation of the phantasm of the event by the phantasm of the word, one could infer that I am concerned with the "translation" of a certain event.
"It's 32 or 33 years since the first film," Coscarelli says, "and people want another installment of Phantasm, with the same cast.
On the one hand, there is imagination understood as that power of the soul that prepares phantasms for the illuminating work of the agent intellect.
The letters amplify Doby's angst and suicidal tendencies and he becomes a phantasm an entity that represents the despair of a once strong and proud Indian nation that was reduced to its lowest dregs.
The aesthetics of the "beyond"; phantasm, nostalgia, and the literary practice in contemporary China.
While she identifies "Jewish Berlin" as a phantasm, the author argues that the contemporary texts "probe the reality of a political concept" (90), namely a multicultural German society in which Jews as well as other minorities can claim a space.
Being old and recent in the same moment, now, perhaps I am haunting the same phantasm through the entire human figure."
Photographs and images interspersed with the text give shape and substance to the phantasm of the author, and give the work a hybrid quality that reinforces the hybridity of its individual parts.
A look back shadowed with the ghostly sneer of the metropolis that was to be an epiphany and turned out to be a phantasm without the original, the Foucauldian false copy.